When I hear a client say, “This is the BEST thing I’ve done for myself.” or “I LOVE it!”, we’re both happy!

~ Judy


Hello there

Judy believes in providing exceptional customer service. Good communication is key to her ability to provide the best cosmetic tattoo experience. I’m only successful if I have happy clients.  I have the expertise to provide you with the best care and cleanliness, as well as the artistic and technical knowledge necessary to leave you looking your best.

  • Thousands of procedures have been performed since 1999.

  • Member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals.

  • Health department licensed and trained in blood borne pathogens prevention.

  • Licensed in Utah and the State of Nevada, Clark County.

At The Permanent Cosmetic Place, it is my goal to make sure you love your permanent cosmetics!




Judy has been practicing permanent cosmetics since 1999—with certified training from reputable and well-known teachers.



Permanent Cosmetics
of Utah

September 17, 1999:  Color Theory
and Correction

April 2000:  Permanent Cosmetic Application

Sept 2000:  Areola and Camouflage Macro Theory


West Coast Academy of Permanent Cosmetics

April 2000:  Areola/Lips/Body Art

National Cosmetic Tattooing Association


Dermal Source, Portland, OR

July 2004: Tattoo Removal, Allergic Reactions, Lip Shaper Procedures, and Emergency Repairs